Does Data Work on Planes? Can You Use the Internet on an Airplane?

Numerous portable electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and even some laptops, can connect to the internet using a sim card and a cellular network.

However, can this cellular data be used on an airplane? Are you permitted to use your 4G or 5G connection? And does mobile connectivity even function when you are on an airplane and aloft in the air?

Let’s find out.

Does Data Work On Planes?

Here is some sad news.

When aboard an aircraft, you are required to activate airplane mode. This will completely disable mobile data by disabling the cellular connection.

Therefore, your first issue is that the laws ban you from connecting your phone to the cell antennae.

The Federal Aviation Administration does permit the use of a phone in flight mode on an airplane.

However, the Federal Communications Commission prohibits its use for voice conversations and data network connections.

Suppose, however, that you are a rogue who doesn’t care about the rules and will turn on your data connection anyway.

Well… Still, data will not function on the plane.

And this is why.

To receive data, a cell phone must communicate with a cell phone tower.

During approximately the first 10 minutes after takeoff, your aircraft will be low enough in the atmosphere to potentially connect to a nearby cell phone tower.

After approximately 10 minutes, your aircraft will be too high to connect to a cell phone tower. Therefore, even if you secretly enable cellular data, you will not be able to obtain a data connection on the aircraft.

Your plane is also moving rapidly, and if you are over land, you will soon pass multiple cell phone towers.

Every three to four seconds, when flying over a city, the nearest cell phone tower would change. You would have no sooner connected to a tower than you would have departed and gone out of range.

This would prevent you from receiving data over a stable connection.

The cellular data network is not designed to function when you are on an aircraft flying by a cell phone tower at more than 500 miles per hour and 30,000 to 40,000 feet distant at cruising altitude.

Cell phone towers are constructed as lofty structures so that they can reach greater heights. The antennas are then directed back toward the ground, where all the cell phone users are. The antennas are not pointed upwards, where the aircraft are soaring.

Therefore, unless you have just taken off or are about to land, you will not receive a reliable signal and cannot use data on an aircraft.

So how will you remain connected to your social media accounts while flying?

Surely there must be a method to upload the view from the plane to Instagram?

Can You Use the Internet on an airplane?

Since airplane mode turns off your cellular data, you can’t use the cellular network to connect to the internet on a plane.

You can only use the internet on a plane if the company has wifi on board.

Not all planes have Wi-Fi on board, and when they do, it’s usually not cheap.

Some companies are still adding wifi to their whole fleet, so not all routes have the right tools yet.

JetBlue is worth mentioning because all of their trips have free basic Wi-Fi.

Full help There is Wi-Fi on American Airlines, Delta, and United, but it costs a lot.

Final Words

You cannot use data on a plane. Once you’ve closed the doors, you should turn on “airplane mode,” which will turn off your cellular internet link.

Even if you are a rebel and don’t turn on flight mode, you will only get a signal for 10 minutes after you take off and 10 minutes before you land.

You could get in trouble with the flight attendant if you do that. Your cell phone’s signal can mess up the plane’s transmission systems. This won’t bring the plane down, but it’s annoying to the flight team.

Also, your cell phone will run out of power faster if you don’t put it in flight mode. Trying to connect to towers will use up your power, so it’s better to put your phone in “flight mode.”

It’s still best to download TV shows, movies, and other entertainment to watch on your trip.

When it comes to surfing the web, checking email, or replying on social media, a flight is the best time to disconnect for a few hours. You can catch up with your messages when you land.

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