AT&T Military & Veteran Discount Program: Get a 25% Discount

The AT&T military discount is available to both active and former service members. You can receive a 25% discount on the Unlimited Your Way Plan.

Phone bills and data plans can rapidly become expensive, but as phone carriers offer customers special rates and promotions, unlimited plans are becoming more accessible.

If you are currently serving in the military or are a veteran, you have access to even more discounts. AT&T provides attractive military discounts on their phone, data, and streaming plans.

AT&T could be an excellent carrier option for you due to its competitive pricing and coverage, multiple bundling options, and military discount.

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AT&T Military Discount Offer

The AT&T military discount is big. This offer provides a 25% discount per line on the AT&T Unlimited StarterSM wireless plan.

The AT&T Unlimited StarterSM wireless plan is comprehensive, combining unlimited data, text messages, and voice minutes with a variety of entertainment options.

In essence, the plan includes the following:

5G Access offers unlimited voice, text, and data with no overage fees ever. Unlimited messaging from the United States to more than 120 countries. Enjoy unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada, as well as free roaming in both countries. Higher-level plans include data hotspots or even HBO Max.

AT&T Military Discount Eligibility

AT&T gives 25% off the AT&T Unlimited Starter wireless plan to all Active Duty military members, soldiers with a good release, and the partners of military members who are still alive or who have died.

Active-duty Military Members Can Get a Discount From AT&T

Active-duty Military Members Can Get a Discount From AT&T

You’ll need email address for the service.

AT&T Military Discount for Veterans:

Bring one of the following types of ID to an AT&T store:

  • Form DD214 from the Department of Defense showing an honorable release
  • Currently valid AMVETS membership card for former military
  • Veteran-approved driver’s license
  • Health insurance card for veterans
  • Veterans ID Card
  • You can also sign up online and show proof that you served in the military within 14 days of asking for the discount.

Additional AT&T Employer Discounts

You can get even more savings from AT&T with the AT&T Signature Program.

It’s easy to find out if your workplace, school, or another group gives discounts on qualified AT&T cellphone services.

Just enter and send your work or school email address, and we’ll let you know if you qualify for discounts and other perks on wireless services, devices, and more.

AT&T Military Discount Compare to Other Cell Phone Plan Providers

AT&T Military Discount Compare to Other Cell Phone Plan Providers

With the AT&T military price plan, the unlimited plans are 25% cheaper. Here are some other deals that big cell phone companies offer to military members:

Verizon Wireless Military Discount:

  • Discount: 15% off Eligible Plans, or up to $40 off Unlimited Plans; 25% off Accessories
  • Eligible Plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited
  • Eligibility: Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retirees, Veterans, Family Members (when the member is the sponsor)

T-Mobile Military Discount:

  • Discount: 20% on the first line; Greater discounts for additional lines
  • Eligible Plans: T-Mobile Military One Plan (comparable to T-Mobile Magenta Plan)
  • Eligibility: Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retirees, Veterans, Family Members (when the member is the sponsor)

Overall, the AT&T service rate is on par with those of the other big US cell phone companies. The military rate from T-Mobile is the most generous, saving the member 20% and saving 50% on each extra line.

But AT&T has some things that T-Mobile doesn’t, like the ability to combine Internet, TV, and telephony services, and in some places, better cell phone coverage.

AT&T Provides Offer to Veterans

AT&T is committed to making the lives of veterans better, and they offer big savings on their cellphone plans, TV, and internet. They also have a program to hire 20,000 veterans by 2020.

AT&T wants to thank and help current and former members of the military in the following ways:

Cell Phones for Soldiers: AT&T gives money from recycled phones to this charity that helps soldiers and people currently serving in the military get free phone calls and emergency phone funds. On their website, you can find out more about what the group does.

Operation Hand Salute is a training program run by AT&T that helps disabled soldiers do well in the business world.

Operation Phone Home: AT&T sends foreign phone cards to the USO’s Operation Phone Home program so that service members can stay in touch with their families while they are serving.

AT&T also works with the SkillBridge Fellowship Program to help veterans find new jobs after they leave the military. The program matches a service member’s training and experience with jobs in the private world. It is open to all ranks, from basic to officer.


In the end, AT&T gives current and past service members a 25% discount on their Unlimited Your Way Plan. The plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and internet, among other things. AT&T also gives discounts to soldiers and gives customers the choice to bundle phone, internet, and TV services. Even though T-Mobile has a better military rate, AT&T has better coverage and more ways to bundle services. AT&T also helps soldiers in different ways through programs and projects. Keep in touch with the cell plan store.

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