Best Cell Phone Plans for 2 Lines and FAQs

The best cell phone plans for two lines are:

  • Visible’s $30 unlimited plan
  • Verizon 5G Do More
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra
  • Reach Mobile Basic
  • T-Mobile Magenta MAX

Below, we provide a breakdown of each plan’s main perks, benefits, and cost. By joining forces and signing up for a discounted two-line plan, couples can easily save money on their plans. AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Verizon are the three major carriers that offer reduced rates (per line) for plans with two lines. Many lesser MVNOs also provide discounted plans for two users. These are our current recommendations for the finest two-line cell phone plans.

Best Overall 2-line Plan: Visible

Key Features:

Unlimited talk, text, data

Unlimited mobile hotspot

Verizon nationwide network

$60/month for 2 lines ($30/line)

Visible tops our list of the best 2-line cell phone providers; after all, the Verizon-backed carrier offers one of the best single-line cell phone plans on the market, now at an even more affordable price. Visible’s unlimited basic plan, a perennial favorite at Cell Plan Store, costs only $30 per month. That’s up to $60 per month for two lines with all the talk, text, and data you could want, plus unlimited mobile tethering. This is an incredible deal, making Visible’s plan our top choice for the best phone plan with unlimited data for two lines.

The only drawback is that your data could be slowed down at any time; however, if this is a concern, you can simply upgrade to the Visible+ unlimited plan ($45/month per line or $90 total for two lines) to receive 50GB of guaranteed priority data prior to any potential slowdowns.

– Unlimited data
– Verizon coverage without the cost
– Hotspot speeds capped at 3G
– Anytime deprioritization

Best Coverage: Verizon 5G Do More Unlimited

Key Features:

Unlimited talk and text
Unlimited data, including 50GB of prioritized 4G LTE and 5G data
15GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot
Unlimited 5G, 5G hotspot
4K video when on 5G network
$140 for 2 lines ($70/month per line)

The 5G Do More Unlimited plan from Verizon is our top pick for the finest two-line phone plan. Clearly, this is not the least expensive plan on our list, but if you want the greatest coverage, Verizon is your only option. This offer stands out for those interested in experiencing 5G. You will have unrestricted access to Verizon’s 5G network (where it is available). Remember that you will require a 5G-compatible phone.

Verizon’s Do More Unlimited plan costs $70 per month per line (with Autopay). This will save you $10/month per line compared to the $80/month cost of a single line.

– Nation’s best coverage
– Excellent plan perks
– Pricey

Best Premium Value Plan: AT&T Unlimited Extra

Key Features:

Unlimited talk and text
Unlimited data, including 50GB of prioritized 4G LTE data
Access to AT&T’s 5G network
15GB of mobile hotspot
Unlimited texting to over 120 countries
$130/month for two lines ($65/month per line)

AT&T’s Unlimited Extra is our preferred 2-line plan. It includes 50GB of prioritized high-speed data per month, 15GB of mobile hotspot, international privileges, and access to the 5G network. AT&T’s 5G network has recently been expanded sufficiently to claim nationwide coverage.

AT&T’s Unlimited Extra plan costs $130 per month, or $65 per month per line. This represents a savings of $10 per line per month compared to the $75 monthly pricing for a single line.

– Lots of full-speed data guaranteed
– Free 5G
– Expensive
– Not many extras for the price

Best Cheap 2-line Plan: Reach Mobile Basic

Reach Mobile

Key Features:

Unlimited talk and text
5GB of 4G LTE/5G Data
Mobile hotspot
Verizon Network
Normally $45/month for two lines ($22.5/month per line)

The Reach Mobile 5GB plan is our choice for the cheapest two-line phone plan. This plan is lacking in features compared to others on our list, but at $45 per month, you may be able to overlook this. Reach Mobile utilizes the Verizon network and provides 5GB of 4G LTE/5G data that can be shared. This may not be sufficient for your two lines, but the low price may allow you to solve the problem by supplementing your mobile data with items like home internet.

To make the plan even more attractive, you can take advantage of a promotional offer that provides you with two lines for just $35/month for the first three months – a $10 discount.

– Budget-friendly
– Verizon coverage
– Not much monthly data
– No perks

Best Plan Perks: T-Mobile Magenta MAX

Key Features:

Unlimited talk and text
Unlimited Premium data, speeds can’t be slowed based on usage
40GB of mobile hotspot
Free Netflix Standard
$140/month ($70/month per line)

We cannot exclude T-Mobile from our list of the finest wireless plans for two lines. T-Mobile adores clients with multiple lines. Free Netflix is only available to customers with two or more lines on their Magenta or Magenta MAX contracts. We chose Magenta MAX over Magenta due to additional advantages such as 40GB of dedicated mobile hotspot data per month per line.

With two lines, T-Mobile Magenta MAX costs $70 per line. This plan is $15/month cheaper than the $85/month single-line plan.

– No deprioritization Ever
– Free Netflix + big hotspot allowance
Poorer coverage than Verizon/AT&T

Best Mix-and-Match: Mint Mobile Modern Family

Key Features:

Choose between any Mint plan for each line
Unlimited data available
4 options
5G included
As low as $30/month

When you add more lines to your account, the already low prices of Mint Mobile become even more affordable. With its new Modest Family plan, you can begin to receive family discounts with just one additional family member. The best aspect is that each line is compatible with any plan offered by Mint. Two-line pricing for the schemes is as follows:

  • $15/month for the 5G plan
  • $20/month for the 15GB plan
  • $25/month for the 20GB plan
  • $30/month for the unlimited plan
Mix and match plansPay in multi-month packages


How Much Do Two Verizon Lines Cost?

Verizon’s two-line unlimited plans range in price from $120 per month ($60 per line) for the 5G Start plan to $160 per month ($80 per line) for the 5G Get More plan. With vocation-specific pricing, teachers, first responders, and active-duty military personnel can save money.

How Much Do Two Lines Cost on At&t?

AT&T’s unlimited cost for two lines costs between $120/month ($60/line) for the Unlimited Starter plan and $150/month ($75/line) for the Unlimited Premium plan. With vocation-specific pricing, teachers, first responders, and active-duty military personnel can save money.

What Should the Cost of Two Cell Phone Lines Be?

The price of two phone lines should fit within your budget. If it suits your budget and lifestyle, you can pay a pretty penny for a premium plan that also includes all of the extras (plus, you could save money on any included subscriptions!). Alternatively, if you and your phone companion are on a tight budget, you could search for a 2-line plan that costs no more than $30 or $40 per person.

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