How Do I Sign Up for an MVNO and Choose the Right One?

Signing up for a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is mostly the same as signing up for a plan with a major carrier, but your experience may be slightly different based on which one you choose.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about MVNOs if you want to sign up for one.

What is an MVNO? 

MVNOs are smaller providers that use the networks of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon instead of building and using their own networks. Because of this, MVNOs are great if you want to save a lot of money and still use your best wireless networks.

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How to Sign Up for an MVNO?

Signing up with an MVNO is pretty easy, but there are some things to keep in mind based on which MVNO you choose. For example, many MVNOs, like Red Pocket and Visible, only do business online. Since internet shopping is easier for most carriers, the process will be the same no matter which one you choose. Of course, if you want to switch the old-fashioned way and go to a store, you should stick with Cricket Wireless or Metro, which are both bigger MVNOs.

Also, if you want to buy a new phone to go with your new plan, some MVNOs may let you pay for it in monthly installments through a company like Affirm, while others require you to pay for it all at once.

Follow These Simple steps:

  • Utilize our WhistleOut coverage tool to find the perfect coverage.
  • Perform an IMEI check to ensure that your phone is interoperable with your chosen MVNO (this information is readily available on the MVNO’s website).
  • If necessary, check with your current carrier about unlocking your device.
  • Complete any necessary registration procedures for the MVNO of your choice.

How to Switch Your Phone to an MVNO?

A common approach with MVNOs is to bring your own phone from another carrier, as most carriers unlock phones for free once you’ve met their specific unlocking requirements. This allows you to bring your device to any network with a compatible SIM card; however, you should verify your phone’s compatibility before making a decision, as some phones (especially older models) may not be compatible with the network of your preferred carrier.

The simplest method to determine if your phone is compatible is to perform an IMEI check by visiting the website of a given carrier and entering your IMEI into its online compatibility tool. This should promptly indicate whether or not the phone you intend to use is viable.

After determining the compatibility of your device, the next step is to activate it. Contacting your current carrier’s customer service via phone, chat, or email is the quickest method to determine if your phone is eligible for unlocking. Alternatively, you can likely find a list of unlock requirements on the carrier’s website. If your phone is eligible to be unlocked, you will be required to take additional steps to complete the unlocking procedure, such as connecting to iTunes (only for iOS devices) or conducting a factory reset. This will vary based on the type of device you have, so be sure to closely adhere to any unlocking instructions provided by your current carrier for your specific device.

How are MVNOs Different to Major Carriers?

While you can expect similar network performance from MVNOs as compared to major carriers, you should be aware of certain differences. Which Network is Your MVNO using? Typically, MVNOs only offer prepaid plans, which require payment at the beginning of the billing cycle as opposed to the conclusion (postpaid accounts). This is not inherently a bad thing, but it may take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to postpaid plans and prefer the flexibility of being able to pay near the end of your billing cycle. In contrast, many consumers favor prepaid plans because they do not require a credit check.

In order to keep costs low, MVNOs frequently offer relatively basic plans with few additional features and benefits, if any at all. Not all MVNOs are like this, as MVNOs such as Metro By T-Mobile include features such as hotspot allocation and streaming benefits such as Amazon Prime. It is essential to examine the features included in your MVNO’s plan, as the number of features included in MVNO plans varies greatly depending on which one you choose.

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