What is Data Rollover? How it Works?

It’s really important to have internet access with your mobile plan nowadays. Having a broadband connection at home or in the office can be very helpful. When you’re outside, having good mobile data can be really helpful. Some people may argue that they are satisfied with using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks pose a significant security risk. It’s hard to find good Wi-Fi outside.

Having an active mobile data plan is more secure and reliable in various situations. Mobile data is not unlimited, whether you have a prepaid or a postpaid connection. Mobile plans with prepaid data are usually available on a daily basis, while postpaid mobile data is provided on a monthly basis. If you have a postpaid plan, you can benefit from using the data rollover feature. You may be wondering, what is data rollover?

This blog will answer your questions about data rollover in postpaid plans. It will explain what rollover data means and what data rollover means.

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About Data Rollover

When you get a postpaid plan, you are guaranteed a certain amount of mobile internet. Now, in an ideal world, this information is more than enough to meet your daily needs. With this mobile internet, you can make video calls, spend hours on social media, make reels, watch YouTube, and do pretty much everything else you do in a day. Now, you’d really like to use your mobile data, right? You don’t want to let it go to waste, especially if you pay a lot for your mobile service.

But there may be some months when you don’t get to use your phone as much as you would like. So, you haven’t watched the newest OTT shows and haven’t been on Instagram in a while. There could be a lot of reasons for this, like a busy month at work, a holiday, or an important family event. Do you think that in this case, your postpaid cell data will go to waste because it won’t be used?

Data rollover saves the day (or the month) for you in situations like this. With the data rollover feature, you will finally be able to keep all of your mobile data that you haven’t used yet. What’s going on? The idea is easy to understand. No matter how much data was given but not used, it will be easy to carry it over to the next month.

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Here’s a Data Rollover Example

Let’s look at an example to help you understand what data rollover means.

You have a prepaid SIM card with you that gives you 50 GB of mobile data each month. Now, you only used 30 GB of data on your phone in a given month. So, you still have 20 GB left, which will carry over to the next month. You will also get the monthly data you were meant to get at the start of the new month.

So, the total amount of prepaid data you’ll have that month is 50 GB (your monthly limit) plus 20 GB (data rollover), which adds up to 70 GB. So, your postpaid cell connection gives you a huge boost in the amount of data you can use. You can watch even more Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hotstar, and many other services with this extra data. Or, you can video call your friends who are living abroad and talk to them for a bit longer. What you do with this new information is up to you alone.

Just make sure you signed up for a prepaid plan that lets you do this. If not, you might have to switch to a different phone company that lets you keep your info.

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