Cricket Mobile Data Not Working: How to Fix?

There are currently an increasing number of companies competing for market share in the telecommunications and internet sectors. Naturally, a little competition is always a positive thing because it drives down prices and compels businesses to provide a little more for their customers.

However, there is always a disadvantage in that it can make it more difficult to choose a service provider. In this instance, selecting Cricket was not a poor choice. Given that the corporation was formerly owned by the telecommunications behemoth AT&T, the similarities between the two are evident.

Essentially, their connections function identically. AT&T’s speeds are identical to Cricket’s. In any case, they are using identical equipment. There are also a variety of packages available, so you don’t have to pay more than you require.

In spite of this, we have observed an increase in complaints about Cricket’s mobile data in recent months. Essentially, it appears that several of you simply cannot get it to function. Fortunately, this is typically quite simple to resolve. In order to assist you, we determined to compile this brief guide.

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Fixing Cricket Mobile Data Not Working

  • Make Sure You Have Sufficient Credit
  • Check Sim Card
  • Make Sure Wi-fi Off

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Credit

Some of you may find this too apparent to comprehend. Therefore, if you are certain that you have credit in your account, you may bypass this step and proceed to the next. However, it is relatively simple to lose data and credit without notice.

Obviously, once the funds are depleted, you will no longer be able to access your data. Similarly, if you haven’t subscribed to a product with a sufficient amount of data, it’s conceivable that your data has just vanished.

It can occur astonishingly quickly, particularly if you regularly stream or download media. Checking your credit is the only way to determine your position.

You can either call the service payment card number or access the company’s app to verify your balance. After verifying that your credit is depleted, you must add a new card to resolve the issue.

If we could offer some advice, it would be to ensure that your device is always subscribed to a service plan. Thus, you will never again be caught off guard.

Essentially, your credit will not be depleted if you leave the data on your device by error. Should you have always had credit, the next remedy should be what you are seeking.

Check Sim Card

Once you have confirmed that you have sufficient credit, the next most common cause of this issue is a SIM card that is not properly communicating with Cricket’s network. Essentially, it’s possible that the SIM card has become slightly open because the phone you’re using has recently been dropped.

The good news is that this is incredibly simple to verify. Simply turn off the phone and remove the SIM compartment to remove the SIM card.

After that, you only need to reinstall it and ensure that its position is accurate. If you are having trouble removing the tray, it can be a bit tricky.

On some phone models, the simplest method to manipulate it is with a small pin. After confirming that the SIM card is properly inserted, simply turn on the phone again, and everything should be operational.

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Make Sure Wi-fi Off

There are quite a few of us who always maintain the Wi-Fi option on our phones enabled. Nonetheless, this may not be a particularly prudent choice. Always-enabled Wi-Fi prevents the phone from using data.

It has a history. Therefore, if you are presently in a location with wireless network access, you should connect to that network and save your data for later use.

Although public wireless networks may have relatively feeble signals, they are completely free to use, so they may be your best option in the majority of situations. After determining this and reactivating or deactivating your Wi-Fi, you should observe that everything is functioning normally once more.

If not, Cricket is probably responsible for the issue. Contacting customer service and asking them to check for problems on their end is your only recourse in this situation.

If you face any error related to connectivity, then comment below. Stay tuned with the cell plan store.

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