Kids Cell Phone Plans 2023

The best cell phone plans for children provide an inexpensive sense of independence. Here are five inexpensive, no-contract plans that won’t break the bank.

Is it appropriate to purchase a phone for your child? It is enjoyable for them, but stressful for you as a parent. Not only must you choose a trustworthy device, but you must also determine the best monthly plan for your child. You’ll soon discover that the best cell phone plans for kids vary depending on your family’s requirements and what you want to offer your budding techie.

You can find a prepaid phone plan for kids and adolescents that provides independence without a hefty bill with a little research.

There are sufficient no-contract carriers offering inexpensive phone plans for children, allowing you to purchase your child a phone without breaking the bank.

What Are the Best Plans for Children and Teens?

It is relatively easy to select a phone service for your child. There are numerous companies that provide affordable, dependable service.

As a preview, here are the five best service providers, based on our testing, for meeting the needs of your family.

Clearly, there are viable options for locating a decent phone plan for your child. Our guide outlines the specifics of each service’s plan.

Each of our top five cell phone plans for kids and teenagers does not require a contract. You may bring your own phone or purchase one from the provider.

1- Tello

Tello is a prepaid cell phone service with flexible plans and affordable rates – ideal for children!

Tello, like the other options on our list, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that operates on a legacy network for a fraction of the price.

Being an MVNO also entails that Tello has no contracts, no activation fees, and no early termination fees, and that its customers receive nationwide 4G LTE coverage via Sprint’s network.

If you reside in a city with 5G, Tello will upgrade you for gratis. Tello offers flexible, preset plans as well as the option to create your own.

Here is the pricing of Tello’s plans:

PlanMonthly CostDataHigh-Speed DataHotspot Data

If none of the above plans work for you and your child, Tello offers you a great deal of flexibility to select a plan that meets your requirements.

2. Visible

Visible is an excellent choice for your cell phone needs if convenience and data are crucial to you. There is only one plan option available. Unlimited voice, text, and data are included.

Visible operates on the Verizon network, which increases its desirability. One line costs $30 per month under this plan. Upgrade to Visible+ for $45 per month to gain access to additional international features.

Additionally, they offer discounts frequently. Currently, you can obtain the first two months of service for a total of $22.

The service provider offers the most generous free trial in the industry, allowing you to sample the service for free for fifteen days.

Here are the plans available with Visible.

PlanMonthly CostDataHigh-Speed DataHotspot Data

3. Twigby

Twigby is a provider of pay-as-you-go phone service that provides a 25% discount on the first six months of service. With Twigby, you can modify your schedule at any time.

Twigby utilizes the Verizon network, which gives them superior coverage compared to other providers. Twigby enables users to tailor their plans based on their talk and data usage, while texting is unlimited.

If you opt for a prepackaged product, pricing is straightforward. It is referred to as the Smartphone Value Plan.

Here is the pricing.

DataCost Per Month

Alternatively, you can create your own plan. However, minutes and data must be purchased separately.

Here is the cost per minute.

MinutesCost Per Month
300 Minutes$9
500 Minutes$11

Here is how much data costs.

DataCost Per Month
No data$10
Unlimited data$40

Regardless of your selection, you receive unrestricted text messages.

If you choose unlimited voice and 2 GB of data, it will cost you $23 per month, but with the 25% discount, it will only cost you $17.25 per month for the first six months.

If your child requires additional minutes or data, you can always upgrade and pay the difference.

4. Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers affordable cell phone plans for kids and teens beginning at $15 per month. The carrier utilizes T-Mobile’s network.

The fact that Mint Mobile sells plans in volume or in three, six, or twelve month increments makes its pricing somewhat unique. Pricing is per month, but subscriptions must be purchased in the segments of time listed below.

Monthly Data3 Mo. (New Customer)3 Mo.6 Mo.Annual

The recently introduced unlimited plan is ideal for the adolescent who uses a great deal of data.

Recently, the service introduced a family plan known as The Modern Family Plan.

It enables multi-line pricing, with a minimum of two lines, and the lowest available prices in three-month increments.

5. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is one of the most affordable cell phone service providers available. It is also beneficial for children because the plans are adaptable.

In fact, Republic Wireless’s plan is the simplest to comprehend:

Monthly unlimited speaking and text costs $15
Unmetered data costs $5 per 1 GB.

Here are the details of Republic Wireless’s available plans.

Unlimited Talk & Text (no data)Unlimited Talk & Text + 1 GB DataUnlimited Talk & Text + 2 GB Data
$15 per month$20 per month$25 per month
$150/yr. (paid upfront)$200/yr. (paid upfront)$250/yr. (paid upfront)
Plus taxes and feesPlus taxes and feesPlus taxes and fees

Kids Cell Phone Plans FAQs

What Age Should a Child Obtain a Cell Phone?

On average, a child receives his or her first phone at age ten. When you purchase one for your child depends on your family’s requirements.

This primarily depends on factors such as the number of hours your child will be alone and whether or not they will need to contact you or another family member.

If this is your child’s first mobile device, you may also want to consider installing parental control applications.

Can I Retain My Phone Number if I Transfer to a New Plan for My Child’s Phone?

Yes. During the activation procedure, transferring your existing number to another carrier is simple.

Is a Credit Check or Contract Required When Transferring to an Mvno?

There is no credit check or contract, so you are free to swap whenever you choose. MVNOs operate month-to-month, so there is no need to execute a contract.

Bottom Line

Buying a cell phone for your infant is favorable in numerous ways. If you believe they are responsible enough to have one, it’s a great method for them to communicate when you’re not around, especially if they participate in after-school activities or ride the bus.

However, you do not want to incur another enormous expense just so your child can have a cell phone. All of the no-contract arrangements provide the flexibility and affordability that your child requires.

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